Thursday, March 7, 2013

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It is with much debated apprehension and regret that this ministry of the Word, REVELATION TODAY FOR THE NATIONS has to require subscribers to contribute a minimal yearly fee ($48)  in order to keep this Ministry available to those aspirants; willing to vow a small monetary gift of support to continue receiving these Revelations. 

We are aware that there is no price anyone can place on Truth and no amount of money could be charged for revelation. However, Scripture plainly states that the workman is worthy of their hire. 

The Word of enlightenment cannot be paid for, however, the Law of Prosperity and Like for Like cannot be invoked to work on ones behalf as long as ones hands have been closed to the Prophet. It is by your standard of measure that it will be measured to you in return.  Like for like!

Give  in the name of a Prophet and receive a Prophets reward.  Do not be as the masses wandering aimlessly  but press to enter in.  Begin your journey to spiritual success and enlightenment!     Now is your time! 

For a mere $48 per year, that’s  only $4.00 per month , you can become a Partner and continue to have access to these anointed messages in a monthly newsletter via e-mail.  You will have then also opened the door to bring you in the presence of the Prophetic Assembly to release into your life as Spirit speaks.

Personal Prophecies are now available through the Master Prophet and Teacher Dr. Kepha Ben Israel.  Dr. Kepha is the Blog Talk Radio Show Host at Kepha Ben Isreal Spiritual Project.  He is the Master Prophetic Teacher and Chancellor at:
Training leaders for today and tomorrow; Prophets and Prophetic minded people...Dr Kepha Ben Isreal "Is Real as it gets"!
Contact Dr. Kepha directly at: 


Those who wish to subscribe to Revelation Today for the Nations will be able to do so by clicking on the Subscribe Button at the bottom of this page where there is also a Donation Button for the convenience of those who do not wish to subscribe.

 Once the subscription is complete, your information will remain secure. Only your name and mailing information will be used to put you on our membership notification list.

Our Partners will receive a powerful and anointed message that can be easily broken down into a study plan that will unlock the divine wisdom and character inside of you.   Our mission is to point and guide you into your Life-Purpose breaking down the old mindsets that restricts growth and offer new Keys to enlightenment on many subjects as Spirit reveals to us. A new life awaits you!  Get the spiritual freedom you deserve—that is to grow into a more godly state.  Becoming more aware of the presence of G-D within you!

Members will also receive any special prophetic messages as they are received. We are a available to answer any inquiries or questions.

Thank you for your membership and we offer continual blessings to you and your house. 

More messages are also available that has been broken down into simpler formats  at:

 Please feel free to visit our Website.